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Integrated Global Africa Services (IGAS)

Tackling Issues that Matter!

Integrated Global Africa Services (IGAS) was founded with a mission to provide research, training, and consultancy on important issues related to human rights, democracy, good governance, rule of law, gender, development, migration and other fundamental issues that are important in the continent.

What We Do

Integrated Global Africa Services (IGAS) works in major areas of rule of law, democracy, conflict, health, education, and investment and finance. Specifically, we:

  • Organize policy debates and events
  • Conduct rigorous policy research
  • Design and implement feasibility studies
  •  Provide evidence-based recommendations to policymakers, businesses, and relevant stakeholders
  • Partner with and connect academicians, policy institutes and other local and international stakeholders
  • Provide training to local experts and build capacity of local institutions (i.e. Universities across Africa)

Why Us

  • We are experts on Africa with strong ties to and experience working with international organizations.
  • We have deep connections to higher education and non-governmental organizations throughout the continent. 
  • We have networks of local experts in dozens of African countries. 
  • Specializing in democracy, conflict resolution, post-conflict reconstruction, and governance, we pride ourselves on delivering high value research and policy recommendations through carefully designed methodology and feasible solutions.


The main vision of IGAS is to be the most trusted and accessible source for those who are grappling with social, economic and political issues. In this regard, our mission is to present our clients clear and simple solution based on data collected and analyzed. To achieve this the work is mainly done by local experts who are dealing with issues in collaboration with regional and global experts.
In doing our research, conducting training or organizing events, our work will be conducted objectively free from any conflicts of interest.